Past Projects

Peachtree Construction never turns down an opportunity to provide exceptional, quality work to our customers.  Below are some of Peachtree’s most memorable jobs looking back through 18+ years of business.


  • US 287, Clay County – This was Peachtree Construction’s first awarded contract in 1997, with J.L. Steel being the General Contractor and TXDOT being the owner.
  • SH 205, Rockwall County – Also awarded in 1997, this was Peachtree’s first million plus dollar contract. Peachtree was awarded $1.21 million to work with J.L. Steel as the general contractor and TXDOT as the owner. In total, Peachtree paved an overlay with 41,316.04 tons of HMAC on SH 205.
  • City of Fort Worth Street Overlays –Since 2009, Peachtree has secured over 35 contracts with the City of Fort Worth totaling over $34 million and paved with over 348K tons of HMAC.
  • City of DeSoto Street Overlay Phase III – In 2000, Peachtree was awarded $2.1 million from the City of DeSoto to complete a 33,530 ton overlay.
  • American Airlines Center – Peachtree Construction was selected to pave the parking lots for the American Airlines Center (Home of the Dallas Mavericks and Stars) in 2001.
  • IH 35W, Tarrant County – In 2003, TXDOT awarded Peachtree Construction $6.2 million to complete an 88K ton overlay from West Fort Worth to the Dallas County line.
  • FM 455, Denton County – In 2006, Peachtree was awarded $6.5 million from TXDOT to complete an 82K ton overlay in Denton County.
  • IH 820, Tarrant County – In 2009, Peachtree won a contract with TXDOT for an HMAC Overlay on IH 820, Tarrant County for $3.9 million.
  • FM 2280, Johnson County – In 2012, Peachtree paved roadway, driveways, and intersections on FM 2280 through a contract awarded by TXDOT.
  • US 380, Jack County – In 2013-14, Peachtree laid over 10,000 tons of HMAC on US 380, Jack County through a contract secured through TXDOT.